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August 26, 2016

Automated Video Interviews: Another Bad Recruiting Idea

bigstock--122207921Last week the Wall Street Journal reported on a new phenomenon, the automated video interview. Sadly, this terrible idea appears to be catching on.

In an automated video interview, candidates provide video responses to questions presented by a computer. Later, the responses are reviewed by humans, and the best candidates are passed on to hiring managers for further screening.

Of course, automated video interviewing creates a new problem: Who’s going to review all those video responses? The software vendor, HireVue has a solution — the computer will evaluate the interviews, too! The WSJ reports:

“Taking robo-recruiting one step further, some HireVue customers have an algorithm review the video interviews for them. Using data about the skills and attributes companies are seeking for a given role, a program called HireVue Insights scans videos for verbal and facial cues that match those skills then ranks the top 100 applicants.”

The growth in automated video interviewing is a reflection of the dismal state of hiring in general, and of human resources in particular. What self-respecting manager wants to abdicate responsibility for hiring, arguably his or her most important responsibility? And what self-respecting candidate wants to work for a company that makes them interview with a robot?

HR, is this the best you can do?

Automated video interviewing is the kind of thing that will look great in process metrics — look at how many people we screened, how much travel we avoided! But process doesn’t matter — the only thing that matters is results — and I don’t see how this could possibly lead to better outcomes.

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