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June 7, 2013

Entrepreneurs, Do You Want Control or Success?

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

In my world of life sciences executive search, I’ve seen a very large sample of founding CEOs. Some made it and some didn’t. What separates them?

That’s a complex question that can’t be answered in a 300-word blog post. But one highly accurate predictor an entrepreneur will fail is an obsession with retaining control. These entrepreneurs—let’s use the hackneyed phrase and call them the control freaks—are deathly afraid of ceding control of any aspect of their businesses. Read More

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May 22, 2013

New Entrepreneur? Get a Mentor, Fast

Star WarsEntrepreneurs are endowed with a superhuman level of self-confidence. They need it, because the odds are stacked against them. It takes a strong belief in oneself to take the plunge and start a company.

Yet that self-confidence can be a liability. First-time entrepreneurs inevitably get deeply involved in tasks that are far outside their core strengths. However, most don’t have a good awareness of their weaknesses until they’ve made some expensive mistakes.

Take the example of Chris Seper, the founder and CEO of MedCity News, an online newspaper that covers the medical device industry (a great resource, by the way). Read More

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