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June 12, 2013

The 150th Post

Birthday cupcakeToday’s post is the 150th in this blog. I’m often asked why I do this, and thought this small milestone would be a good excuse to answer that question.

I write this blog for multiple reasons:

First, I want to provide value to the people who read it. That’s not an altruistic mission — I’m seeking to engage with clients, potential clients, candidates, and potential candidates by providing information they will find useful.

Second, the discipline of writing helps me to think more clearly and more deeply about my work. My writing schedule forces me to regularly put aside day-to-day activities and think about some of the big issues that are related to my work.

Over the last year I’ve gotten much faster at writing these posts. Initially each one took me about an hour, but now on a good day I can finish one in 20 minutes. Yes, I know that sometimes the speed of writing shows in typos or spelling and grammatical mistakes, but I try not to get hung up on that. It would be easy to fritter away hours trying to get everything perfect, but if I spent that much time it would defeat the purpose of doing this at all.

Finally, and especially for you technology lovers, about nine months ago I began using Dragon Dictate software to dictate these posts. I’m a passable typist, but speaking makes it a lot easier for me to adopt a conversational tone. Further, I think dictating has helped me speak more clearly and succinctly in all situations, not just when I’m writing.

So there you have it. I’m looking forward to the next 150.

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