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January 17, 2012


White Papers

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How to Conduct a Great Interview (PDF)

The Art of Referencing (PDF)

Recruiting for the Board of Directors (PDF)

A Guide to Identifying, Assessing & Contracting with Executive Search Firms (PDF)

Recommended Reading

Recommended Consulting Services

Executive Coaching
Mark Campbell, M. J. Campbell Associates
Specializing in life sciences and health care
Web site: www.mjcampbellassoc.com
Email: mark@mjcampbellassoc.com
Phone: 617-969-4159

Mark’s coaching helps organizations in three major ways: Onboarding coaching for newly hired or promoted managers, developing high-potential managers and enhancing specific skills for highly valued managers including communication, conflict management and public speaking. In addition, Mark teaches communication skills to physician leaders at the Harvard School of Public Health.


Business Strategy & Market Development
Paul Danis, PhD, Eastwoods Consulting
Transitioning innovations into profits for the life science industry
Web site: www.eastwoodsconsulting.com
Email: Paul.danis@eastwoodsconsulting.com
Phone: 508-869-2303

Eastwoods Consulting advises companies on the commercialization of life science technologies. Across the process of concept to commercialization, they help you achieve the maximum value for your innovations, and to grow your company by:

  • Penetrating new markets
  • Aligning your R & D with the customer needs
  • Shortening your time to market
  • Increasing your profit
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“At once brilliantly insightful and wonderfully entertaining, Mastering the Art of Recruiting is an indispensable guide for anyone who recognizes that hiring talented employees is the most critical factor in building successful businesses.  Mike Travis has done a masterful job of laying out a clear and simple recipe anyone can follow for dramatically improving their hiring practices.  In doing so, he offers organizations a powerful strategic advantage.”

Eric Davies
CEO, Davies Murphy Group